Generating sales pipeline today takes more than a list, great copy,
and a cool offer.

We're not ivory tower marketers. With backgrounds in selling, we know that effective lead generation campaigns are well suited to your particular sales model—either direct, indirect, or B2C. We can oversee a range of lead generation programs, including outbound syndication, direct response marketing, webcasts, seminars, and events. We focus on the strategy details that outside agencies or resources will look to you for—your objectives, your audience, your value proposition, and all of the infrastructure details and training required to make the most of each incoming lead.

Core Service

• Marketing mix cost models
• Pipeline funnel models and resource planning
• Audience profiling and list strategy
• Creative and copy
• Seminar presentations
• Marketing database strategies
• Infrastructure and metrics
• Lead management and fulfillment
• Qualification criteria and scripting
• Sales tools and support
• Metrics and evaluation

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